Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rain Down on Me

It has been raining almost non stop since we moved to Memphis.. It has forced me to be indoors with my very active three year old and now almost as active one year old. It has forced me to evaluate how much time I spend on things like checking email, making grocery lists, doing laundry, picking up toys, instead of doing things like playing, making forts, painting, laughing, dancing, singing...
the balance of mother hood is such a delicate dance. Some days I feel like I am in step and other days I feel like I am stepping all over my partners(kids) feet. I hate the days when my "to do" list becomes more important than my child. When I am angry for not getting to do what I want, when I want... but then something reminds me that it is not really my life to live like I want.. it comes sometimes in a small quiet voice that whispers in the night: " Momma I need to tell you something real quick: Jesus died on the cross and then HE came back. Horray!" That is exactly why I need that sweet little three year old in my life. He sometimes teaches me what really matters.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting started.
Here we go. Trying to re work the whole blog world. We have way too many sites, way too many things for me to manage and not enough time.
So as of now here is our new blog.. I am still keeping the other ones until I get this whole crazy thing figured out. Man I feel stupid.