Monday, December 14, 2009

(dec 13th sermon)

You know when God really does something in your heart.. moves you, opens your eyes, breaks you in areas that need to be broken.? That was how church was for me yesterday.
I am so thankful to be in a place where TRUTH is taught and a place where I can respond to grace.
I am so thankful that God truly does love me to reveal areas in my life that are not like him.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This post is from Sarah Markley’s blog.
Amazing and thought provoking~
The Gap in the Covenant
Sometimes my husband and I seriously don’t get along.
We’ve been through this, we’ve gone to marriage counseling, we’ve sat in billions of Bible studies and listened to enough sermons to fill a 64 gig iPod.  We even counsel other couples and speak to groups about marriage.
But more-than-occasionally we miss each other. Like really miss.  (Picture unathletic college-me taking tennis as a class and missing the fuzzy green ball over and over again.  That kind of miss.)
We talk loudly and even hang up the phone. We glare and growl sometimes too.  We flop over in bed and turn toward the wall.  We sulk and scowl.  We expect the worst and live in the past. We think mean, selfish things.
Why can’t he just…
What would be the harm in him….
I’ve told him this a hundred times…
But, even so we have a covenant.  We have binding promises.  We didn’t say Until One Of Us Wounds The Other. Or Until You Get Really Mad At Me.  Or even, Until We Really Really Hate Each Other. We said Until Death Do Us Part. It’s forever.
What makes the difference is this: we are learning to live in the gap of the covenant. Because sometimes only one of us is upholding our promises. Love. Honor. Respect.
When he doesn’t hold up his end, I hold up mine. When I fail miserably and say something un-take-back-able, he stands still as my husband, unshaken by something as fleeting as a word in the face of a promise. Even though it hurts and it takes time to get over, we are learning to practice this.
But our example for this isn’t each other (we are far from skilled even at this) or even another couple we admire. Our example is the first Covenant Maker.  The One who stands strong in the face of our adultery, our hatred, our selfish words and actions.
He IS the gap in the covenant. He even stands at the altar with us knowing we will become distracted and trip over our own desires.  He knows we will not keep our promises. He knows we are destined for cheating.
But He lives there, right in that place where we don’t keep our end of the bargain. He doesn’t flop over in bed or think mean things. He doesn’t glare at us and live in our past mistakes.
He wants us to live the way we were designed to live. The way we vowed.
But until then, He’ll live in that gap unshaken by us in the face of unmet promises and He’ll make up the difference when we can’t.
Are you living in the gap in your marriage?

Holiday Fever!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgving as now it is full time to Christmas. I dont know why but the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas always seems to get shorter and shorter to me. I know it is the same amount of days but it just goes by fast now! Maybe it is because I have two kids, much more demands and a lot less free time.

Jeremy and I are just getting back from a much needed and amazing getaway trip to NYC! it was perfect! We got to sleep in, drink coffee, tour NYC and all the amazing nearby cities and just ENJOY each other. We also got to visit our good college Friends Marcy and Robby Towns so that was even better.

Everett and Emery got to have the time of their lives being completly adored and SPOILED by their Gigi and Popee.( jeremy's parents) and know we are having to detox Everett and remind him that the world does not revolve around him even though his Gigi thinks so... He even told me yeseterday in the car that He was Gigi's boy only now... Man she really must have spoiled him!
we are thankful that we have such amazing grandparents who love to be involved in our kids lives..It is a great blessing!

tonight we are off to buy our Greene Christmas Tree, watch the fake snow come down at a local outdoor shopping mall and enjoy Hot chocolate coffee( that is what Everett calls it)

Monday, November 16, 2009

I love THREE!

Everett is a strong willed, smart, adventourous, crazy, fun, sweet, affectionate three year old boy. I have to say that I absolutely LOVE THREE.. I remembered when I was a nanny and how I thought that three was the perfect age. Not too big and not too young. I am learning a lot about Everett and his three year old year. He is so much more independent and wants to get dressed, potty on his own, play, color, pour milk, put on his shoes, ride his bike all by himself. But still wants me to hold his hand, leave his light on and his door crafted(really cracked but he says crafted and we love it) and snuggle with his lovey and blanket. I love that he is still a little shy to people and new things and wants me to "hold you".

Everett is so good at so many things and I am proud of the young boy he is. He drives me crazy a lot of the time too but I am learning that with anything you need major GRACE to love others well and to parent. I am excited to see what more of this golden age has in store for us.

Emery walks!

Emery is an official walker.  Last week while staying at my parents, she just up and walked to her Pop. She is way in LOVE with him so I am not surprised with a little of his coaxing that she got up and went right to him. Now since then it has been non stop walking, a few falls and the oh so cute wiggly balancing act. I love watching Emery learn new things. She is the kind of child who smiles with her eyes, she loves people. I love the fact that she is so much not like me... and I can learn to be more like her.
I love the fact that no matter how rough or mean Everett can be to her she simply adores him.
I am so thankful that I have a sweet daughter that God has entrusted me to raise.

Emery offical is a walker! Nov 9th, 2009.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Right now, I am waiting. Waiting for many things.. waiting for my old restored home to be done completely and for my builder to do his part, waiting on Emery to take her first steps and to talk more, waiting on Everett to find a toy, to finish his dinner, to follow me in the store. I am waiting on my sweet husband to do things for me, waiting for a getaway trip with him, waiting for our union to grow closer and stronger each day.. .
We are always waiting on something. And what I have been learning lately is not so much about what we are waiting ON but how we respond when we are waiting. If I truly believe that God is in control of all things, that he has purposes in even the seemingly little things in my life then I have to believe that waiting is part of his plan. In fact I am ultimately waiting to be reunited with HIm one day face to face.
So what I am learning right now is that I have to TRUST God in the waiting rooms of life. I have to trust that He is good, that HE is right besides me and that in faith and in his strength I can wait well. That I can actually wait without complaining and grumbling. I hope that as I learn to wait that I teach my children what it really does mean to “practice patience, and self control” and to show them a picture of GOD who is worth waiting on.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rain Down on Me

It has been raining almost non stop since we moved to Memphis.. It has forced me to be indoors with my very active three year old and now almost as active one year old. It has forced me to evaluate how much time I spend on things like checking email, making grocery lists, doing laundry, picking up toys, instead of doing things like playing, making forts, painting, laughing, dancing, singing...
the balance of mother hood is such a delicate dance. Some days I feel like I am in step and other days I feel like I am stepping all over my partners(kids) feet. I hate the days when my "to do" list becomes more important than my child. When I am angry for not getting to do what I want, when I want... but then something reminds me that it is not really my life to live like I want.. it comes sometimes in a small quiet voice that whispers in the night: " Momma I need to tell you something real quick: Jesus died on the cross and then HE came back. Horray!" That is exactly why I need that sweet little three year old in my life. He sometimes teaches me what really matters.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting started.
Here we go. Trying to re work the whole blog world. We have way too many sites, way too many things for me to manage and not enough time.
So as of now here is our new blog.. I am still keeping the other ones until I get this whole crazy thing figured out. Man I feel stupid.