Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Fever!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgving as now it is full time to Christmas. I dont know why but the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas always seems to get shorter and shorter to me. I know it is the same amount of days but it just goes by fast now! Maybe it is because I have two kids, much more demands and a lot less free time.

Jeremy and I are just getting back from a much needed and amazing getaway trip to NYC! it was perfect! We got to sleep in, drink coffee, tour NYC and all the amazing nearby cities and just ENJOY each other. We also got to visit our good college Friends Marcy and Robby Towns so that was even better.

Everett and Emery got to have the time of their lives being completly adored and SPOILED by their Gigi and Popee.( jeremy's parents) and know we are having to detox Everett and remind him that the world does not revolve around him even though his Gigi thinks so... He even told me yeseterday in the car that He was Gigi's boy only now... Man she really must have spoiled him!
we are thankful that we have such amazing grandparents who love to be involved in our kids lives..It is a great blessing!

tonight we are off to buy our Greene Christmas Tree, watch the fake snow come down at a local outdoor shopping mall and enjoy Hot chocolate coffee( that is what Everett calls it)

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