Monday, November 16, 2009

I love THREE!

Everett is a strong willed, smart, adventourous, crazy, fun, sweet, affectionate three year old boy. I have to say that I absolutely LOVE THREE.. I remembered when I was a nanny and how I thought that three was the perfect age. Not too big and not too young. I am learning a lot about Everett and his three year old year. He is so much more independent and wants to get dressed, potty on his own, play, color, pour milk, put on his shoes, ride his bike all by himself. But still wants me to hold his hand, leave his light on and his door crafted(really cracked but he says crafted and we love it) and snuggle with his lovey and blanket. I love that he is still a little shy to people and new things and wants me to "hold you".

Everett is so good at so many things and I am proud of the young boy he is. He drives me crazy a lot of the time too but I am learning that with anything you need major GRACE to love others well and to parent. I am excited to see what more of this golden age has in store for us.

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