Sunday, January 3, 2010

Got advice...

Okay here it is...we have a three year old, he's a boy, and he is amazing! He also is a little sinner and  has a will...  a STRONG WILL, one that is focused on himself and his ways.(so we need some prayer.) Pray for us, he is strong, extra big for his age( which is hard when you look at him and he looks 5 but really acts his age of 3). Jeremy and I have been really talking lately on what issues to focus on with parenting: respect, first time of obedience, not hitting your sister, not being destructive with toys, etc... at times it seems like Ev is getting it and his little heart is changing and growing and then other times it looks like we have never disciplined him in his life. It is easy to measure how well of a parent you are by the behavior of your children.. boy I am glad that this is not GOD's standard. He loves perfectly and look how I act often. But one thing I  have been learning is that when you are training a child, when you are ridding sin and showing your children their need for grace and for Jesus it is tough work.  It is like the word says: TRAINING and WORK. ( neither are easy things)
It requires supernatural perservernce and strength and amazing GRACE!
 Over the last few months  I have seen I am in the battle of my life raising my children, these precious souls are in my care and I NEED God's wisdom and perspective and HELP every single moment. I have learned through everything God's love towards us is truly awesome, it does not waiver, it does not grow impatient, it does not hold ANY record of wrongs, it always changes and it always points us toward Him.
I hope that as a parent I can reflect these same characteristics to my child, during the hard days and easier days...

what do you think? How do you show Grace and GOD to your children? How do you deal with a strong willed sinner? 

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  1. Love your thoughts and perspective! Thanks for sharing!!! I've been striving against disappointment and frustration when I am personally inconvenienced...this is the opposite of grace. I pray the Lord would teach them through my weaknesses.