Wednesday, February 10, 2010

living life:

What a last week"

Jeremy's Grandmother Greene(maw maw) passed away at the age of 86. Leaving her sweet husband and Jeremy's Paw Paw of 89 years old. Talk about a long marriage- 71 years to be exact... wow! uh!
it left me thinking two things:
How do I comfort those around me who are truly suffering and how do I display grace to those in my life on a daily basis.?
 How many amazing memories do you have after being married for 70 plus years, how do you live life without someone who has been part of you since the age of 19... how do you heal a broken heart?

After the traveling and coming back. My car got broken into in the middle of the after noon at walgreens.. One of my bags was stolen, with credit cards and all.
My first thought was : "what did I park in all this glass?" and then my second thought was: "no matter where we are we live in a fallen word and God is still GOOOOOOD!" no big deal.

all that to say God has been teaching me a lot over the last few months... and I am learning more about the simplicity of my faith and living life with open arms.
No one, no thing is ever promised to us... we must live with thankfulness and grateful hearts for the moments we have.
I am learning how to do that day by day!

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