Tuesday, February 16, 2010

why I LOVE Everett

To anyone who is a parent you know there are times when parenting is tough. you are in the nitty gritty dealing with sin, selfishness, tantrums, accidents,spills, fussiness,melt downs, begging, little excuses, interruptions,hmmm enough already.
So for me it is easy when those days are full of those not so pleasant things to remember why I LOVE my son!
Here are a few reasons why:

He is really creative. He loves to paint, color and create pretty much anything and he is really good at it. Really good!
He has an awesome imagination. He can make something as simple as an apple be a friend with eyes, nose and a mouth and be entertained for a good 30 minutes with that. Or today he stacked cans around the kitchen and then climbed on them so he could be a tall robot.
He has a very sensitive heart. He tears up at sad parts in movies like In Ice Age when the little lost boy finds his daddy. Or when we read a book and something good happens I can see sweet tears in those big ole eyes.
He thinks of others( I usually think he does not) but then he says things like mom when I outgrow these slippers I want to give them to baby(Emery) or what about I can get another pair for Eliana( my friend Erin's little 15 month old)
He is passionate. He has a lot of emotion and at times it needs to be directed and tamed but I love that he feels things deeply and wants to express his feelings.
He gets really excited about simple things like a good book, a toy car, a little squirrel and then tells me a great story about it.
He is an awesome kisser and hugger. He really knows how to squeeze you all the way to your core. Oh one day I know I am going to miss that.

so why do you love your kid/s?

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