Friday, March 12, 2010

why i love my husband!

He is sweet! I mean really sweet.. kind, patient, serving, thoughtful, fun, forgiving, slow to anger, playful and really handsome.
I often realize that I over look the amazing things about Jeremy. It is easy to go on about our kids and the cool things they do, the milestones they reach, the little acts of cuteness they display but often we tend to over look the things about our husbands. I often do because I think that I "deserve a husband who is this... or I should have a husband that does that...."
But the fact of the matter is I don't.. I don't deserve that but in God's goodness and grace, I do have that. I have a godly, kind husband who loves me so well and our children so well because he LOVES Jesus. He is striving to become more like him every day and love me like Jesus loves the church.

I just wanted to say how grateful and thankful and so in love I am with my Jeremy Bruce Greene.

How about you? do you over look the amazing things about your husband/wife? do they know how you feel about them?

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